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Overcome Your Staffing Shortages with Automation

What We Do

Get Back to Policing

If everyone in your department was working on exactly what they should be working on, what would that allow you do to?  What if you could see what was happening with every case in real time?

These are precisely the outcomes that the team at AEM provides law enforcement everyday. We'll free you up from the tasks technology was meant to handle, so your team can get back to doing what you do best. 



Who We Serve

Investigative Divisions

Gather and process evidence more efficiently.


Spend less time shuffling data and writing mindless reports. 

Cyber Labs

CyberManager was built from the ground up to make cyber labs run as efficiently as possible

Crime Labs

Overcome backlogs with automation that can reduce manpower by half

What People Are Saying

That is slick! -High Tech Crime Lab Director
The discovery ladies love it! -Assistant Prosecutor
Saves us a ton of time -Lab manager

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